A Norvegian website forces its readers to actually read the article before comment


From le Monde http://www.lemonde.fr/big-browser/article/2017/03/02/pour-pouvoir-commenter-un-site-oblige-les-lecteurs-a-vraiment-lire-l-article-avant_5088270_4832693.html

A novegian public website is making sure its readers have read the articles before they comment. If they choose to comment, readers are asked to reply to a few questions, where answers were given in the article. It’s like an anti-troll captcha system.

The website :

Apparently, NRK staff is seeing a better engagement and discussion quality in their comment section now.


English relating of the story here: http://www.niemanlab.org/2017/03/this-site-is-taking-the-edge-off-rant-mode-by-making-readers-pass-a-quiz-before-commenting/

I like the idea of delaying people a little to stop and think (Civil does this well), but I’m concerned that a test will make people feel scolded/stupid/looked down upon if they get it wrong.

What do you think?


It is certainly a worthy experiment to get commenters more invested in the story itself. And while some people might indeed feel “looked down upon” I imagine that the editors are much less concerned with that than they are with eliciting comments that will shed actual light or add meaningful supplementary material or even valid counterpoint that comes with factual backup. We all know that opinions are like you know what - everybody has one. And there are gazillions of places to express that. I’m not sure that is the role of a news organization. Or places for expressing sheer opinion can have their own playpens, er, spaces.