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Here’s what I think is quite a smart idea from one of our commenters. Not sure if it’s something you’ve thought about including in the platform? I get a lot of requests for some sort of landing page for each commenter so other readers can browse their commenting history…and imagine this could be a great optional feature to include there.

“I understand the importance of anonymity in online debate threads but I sometime wonder if we all knew just a little more about each other it would help to foster tolerance. For instance, subscribers could have access to very basic data about each other (provided on a completely voluntary basis of course), eg. age, gender, nationality, country or residence, profession, interests. I understand that the FT isn’t Facebook and there is nothing to guarantee the accuracy of such data, of course, but I suspect the vast majority of subscribers who participated would do so honestly and it might help all of us appreciate a little better the other person’s perspective.”