[ASK] stuck in authoring


From our tech guy :

I am making a try for the local news website Rue89 Strasbourg to install Ask as they could like to test it. I followed the process bellow from scratch reinstalling completely a test server:

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on a VPS, then docker (Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e) and docker-compose (docker-compose version 1.12.0, build b31ff33) packages. Then, I followed the technical guide : steps 3, 5 and 6. (I attached the configuration I set during step 5.) And I started ask with docker-compose up [-d].

As you can see here : https://test-ask.geoffreybrossard.fr/, it is stuck in “Authorizing…”, maybe because /auth/connect/.well-known/openid-configuration replies with a 404 error? I don’t know how to make further investigation.
Is it a well-known problem? Did I missed something? What can I do to solve it?

Thanks for any help anyone could provide.


hi Pierre

Thanks for reaching out - you just installed in the small window of us having a bug in the installer!

Are you in our Slack channel? If not, you can join here and Jeff our Integrations Engineer will walk you through the new installer very shortly: https://coralprojectslackin.herokuapp.com/

Excited to see Ask in use in France!



Did you succeed with a fresh install? We updated the fix within a few hours of your message.


Yep, it works on our test server. We’ll bring it live for our readers this week probably. Thanks for the help.