Authentication with Twitter


Hey All, is there a preferred way of authenticating to Talk with Twitter. I just created a dev.twitter account, a simple app (app id, secrets, etc) and looking for next steps.
Thanks in advance.


Hey @jhardingmmfa! This is a great question. I actually tried building this for a hack day the Coral Core team did but Talk doesn’t support Oauth2, and that’s required for Twitter Auth (vs. Google or Facebook which don’t use this). So unfortunately we can’t support this with Talk as of yet, but perhaps we can in the future.


I should have checked with you first, I got more gray in my goatee trying to get this to work. Thanks, will let my users know.


Don’t worry! I literally did the same thing and was so bummed when I realized it wouldn’t work!

PS - do you have Talk live? We’d love to see it in action!


but in talk-plugin-google-auth plugin Talk uses Google OAuth2, isn’t it?


@tomascrespo to be more explicit, passport.js which Talk uses, doesn’t support Oauth2 for Twitter specifically. It does for Google.

This may have changed, it’s been about 6 months since I tried that.