Automated username changes, moderation required?


I have a question about username changes within Talk - We are using SSO to auth users for commenting, and through that application is a process where users can update their username (it’s not a common thing, but it is possible). We will be creating a process that will make updates to the Talk users as necessary so that username changes will propagate. Will any username changes that come through from the SSO application be required to go through the moderation process, or is that triggered only when the user initiates the username change within Talk?

Here’s where I’m at:

  1. New user logs into website
  2. Goes to article page
  3. Talk triggers tokenUserNotFound, new user is created within Talk
    i. Username status is SET
  4. User updates their username in SSO application
  5. Automated process updates user in Talk with new info

Would a moderation action be triggered at this point? Or since it wasn’t user initiated within Talk would the username change just fine?

Here’s why I’m confused, from typeDefs.graphql

  # SET is used when the username has been set for the first time, but cannot
  # change without the username being rejected by a moderator and that moderator
  # agreeing that the username should be allowed to change.


Hi @julisana!

No, it wouldn’t trigger a moderation action - that comment you’ve found there is separate from and before we created the GDPR features like allowing users to change their username.

If a user changes their username via talk-plugin-profile-data, then their username is automatically set, we log the change, and the new username is reflected.


That’s great, thanks Kim!