CommentId: Could you display a (your) comment id with each comment?


Display the Comment Id with the comment. 2018-01-21

If it was me I would display that at the bottom of the comment with the other icons.

As an external entity I might mine (some of) that information. Maybe in a Twitter app.

For example one of my indexes might be:


Displaying that (comment id) would benefit a number of stakeholders, for example.
As a commenter, my screen snapshot would be much more useful.
As a moderator, I can use that Id in a few ways.
As any IT staffer, it kind of makes sense.

Finally, it wouldn’t be expensive.

From my own view, it’s not a bad idea but it really changes the “feel” or user experience. It makes the data harvesting thing really overt. In balance I would do it though. My cat thinks it’s a must do. Of course it was his idea so consider the source, eh?

Regards, Dave Horsman.
Per: Dave’s Cat

[Final edit: Remove formatting and styling tests. What do the mods see?]


Thanks David. We want to hide any IDs that might be confusing to commenters who aren’t tech savvy, but if you’re an IT staffer working on the platform, you can use the GraphQL API to pull out the UIDs, or just click on the Share button and see the end of the URL.


Thanks re GraphQL. I noticed (if external) I can scape for links and the comment id seems to be present in the routing.