Coral Project work arounds and hacks


As a developer, I would be interested in hearing from users about any work arounds and hacks they have used with Coral.


The best one I am looking at is combining Twitter, FB or any Id’s and tags with internal identifiable tags.
For example, $CoralSiteEvaluation$ or $Project:CoralSiteEval$. So this might be (generally short) internal data and tags for my company. Maybe just a cookie id.

What are the available allowed special characters?
Is there a bot/plugin for that?
Can I use that across all platforms?
How is the related or transformed to database triggers?


I’m briefly testing cross platform tags and markup. #Tags are external (public) $Tags are internal (company). In my case they reference disk drive paths.

Where can I get a free sample plugin (open source) or any kind of bot that will scan text (comments) for tags? I’m a nube.