Coral talk image size


I am a new Coral Talk user and have a basic understanding of Docker. I’ve successfully installed Coral talk on our development environment. I am now in the process of enabling Plugins.

To enable an additional plugin, I have used the basic docker “onbuild” image Dockerfile, a directory of plugins and a plugins.json file (which lists the activated plugins).

The new image container is working well and could see the new plugin enabled. My only concern is that the new image size is 810MB which is almost of twice the size of the base image (443MB). I’ve only enabled one additional plugin. Should I be concerned about the image size?


Hey @dberhane, welcome aboard!

Would you mind logging this on Github, as you’ll get a quicker reply there for technical questions -

Click New Issue in the top right.

Thank you!


Link to issue and discussion on GitHub for future reference: