CoralTalk setup on Android through WebView


Hello everybody.
I currently have a task to setup a Coral Talk commenting system in Android application that is a newspaper. The Talk is situated in the article which is showing on Android through WebView, a component similar used on Chrome browser, so it get html and javascript is working in it. Previously we were using Facebook comments, and we have done it with javascript to init facebook comments loading, and there were some troubles and workarounds with callbacks to login to facebook and so on.

Maybe somebody have been working with such a task before on Android or at least there are some tips and directions to dig deep with this.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey Belka, our core team hasn’t had any experience integrating with an Android app, so we don’t have anything to add, but please report back how it goes so others can learn.



Are there any information if coral talk is actually working on Android/iOS with either Facebook or Google login if the login is actually done on server side.