Default comment box is huge


Not really sure how else to say this, but the default comment box height is HUGE and takes up a buttload of room even when there are zero comments. You can see a live example here.

It seems to take up 90% of the viewport for some reason?


It’s inheriting that style from your blog - you can change your CSS to fix it. Let us know if you need help with that.


I’m confused where its pulling it from sorry, I see .Stream__tabContainer___2GahZ setting min-height: 600px?


No problem! The div id is “talk-embed-stream-container”


@andrew_coral We’re also encountering this problem but it seems as though the height of the Talk <iframe> is causing the problem rather than the container inside it. We can set a height on #talk-embed-stream-container and the <iframe> will adjust to somewhat match that height. But this set height will obviously be wrong as soon as the number of comments present changes.

Could you provide some insight into how Talk sets the height on the <iframe> and also how it adjusts to the number of comments present? Thanks!


Hey @colourgarden, would you mind logging this issue on Github? We’re trying to consolidate all technical questions there -



@kgardnr Hi Kim. Thanks for your reply. I’ve created an issue on GitHub - :slight_smile: