Developer Guide/Introduction?


As a customer of mine is planning to implement talk on his websites we are evaluating it right now and there are a few issues, some bugs, some features which we will have to change/fix before implementing it.

I am an experienced developer, but not with NodeJS, React, etc. I’d love to dive into Talk’s development, but I miss a kind of developer guide (which I normally expect in Github’s or, to help me…

  • setting up the project, how to run it so that changes get immediately compiled
  • tells me about used coding guidelines, style, libraries, etc
  • which branch should be the base of a pull request? The last release? master? next?

Is there such a document? If not, I would be happy to create it, with the help of someone knowing Talk’s technology better than me.


Discuss our Guides website here!

Hey @paulwellnerbou , great suggestion! We’d love if you would contribute to help us with this.

Right now we have this mostly on the Quickstart in our docs:

But maybe we need more?

I can fill in some gaps for you:

Thank you!


Thanks very much, @kgardnr
I will be off for about a week now, but I sure will follow up with this, hopefully I’ll find time this month.
I discovered this issue, which might be interesting for the startup guide as well: