Did you click on the Community Guidelines?


We tried hard to write our Community Guidelines in a way that’s easily readable.

a) did you read them before I just pointed them out?

b) What do you think of them? How can we make them better?


I’ll confess I saw the link, assumed the guidelines would be a combination of the Golden Rule and expressing that harassing behavior wouldn’t be tolerated, and then…didn’t click it.

But I’m glad I did just read 'em (so thanks for the reminder)! I think they’re great, and I appreciate especially the notion that I shouldn’t respond to bad behavior in public, but instead should flag it or write to coralcommunity@mozillafoundation.org for an acute issue.


Thanks Nate! We believe that clear and specific guidelines are really important.

What are the best/worst guidelines you’ve seen? How can we improve ours?


I don’t know about worst, and I don’t think I participate in sufficient messageboard-type communities to be able to speak about the best. I believe that having the guidelines are extremely important, not the least of which is they give people who are at a higher risk of being victimized by harassment the chance to assess whether they think the moderators will “have their back”.

To that point, I’ve read posts within the past year from women who declined the chance to speak at certain conferences because they didn’t have sufficiently-strong codes of conduct (if any), and I think that’s a good choice. I support publicly vetoing such organizations if they don’t commit to maintaining a safe environment for all participants.

Re the Coral Project Community guidelines, so far they seem adequate (and the format on my PC desktop browser is excellent re being easy on the eyes and succinct). I’d certainly be interested in hearing what people with more experience have to say!


yes and the link in the email I received was broken :slight_smile:


Ufff thanks Paolo. We migrated our site recently but the redirects should work. Confirming now.


Fixed, thanks Pablo. Meantime, you can read the guidelines here.


I didn’t read the Community Guidelines. I thought it would be more fun to try to predict your Community Guidelines after checking out your site. I had a hint so I was going with quite short. So I am now wondering if they could actually be quite long but easily readable. Nah. But don’t tell me.:wink:

I notice a certain formality to the commenting style here. I expected the opposite. I expected a bunch of rowdy journalists and their programmers trading notes.

Only because it is The Coral Project, one of the wordsmiths should be chronicling this endeavor:
“The Launch of AI in Journalism”