Discourse issues on the Coral site


#ignoreThisPost it is work in progres…
I need a place on site to post Discourse issue related to evaluating this site.

I ended up with two create topic windows open somehow.


Hey David, we use Discourse as our community forum. We don’t maintain or provide support for Discourse. An appropriate place to discuss features, bugs, or suggestions to the Discourse team is here: https://meta.discourse.org/


Hi Kim. Yes I am doing that. :slight_smile::innocent:

What are your thoughts on:

I want a forum topic for the TI implementation (or any) (however they might not) because I have configuration and extension specific issues there.

Ditto, Coral’s use of discourse?


Requests fors New Topics

Hi David

You should be able to create Forum Topics here on whatever you want. Have at it!

Thanks for being here,



Awesome… I’m going to need that alphabetical view on my dashboard…:+1: