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I think it looks nice and I’m really stoked for it. I would love a sitemap page that was just a text list of titles/authors for all of the stuff. The design of the Guides do deprecate the author names which sometimes I’d like to know, like “What did Bianca write?” and I can’t access that via the current design/interface.


Good idea, thanks jessamyn!


I am missing a kind of developer’s guide. I am trying to get involved in the project. I am an experienced developer, but not with nodejs/react, so I’d need a bit of guiding here, things like…

  • How to set up the project, how to run it so that changes get immediately compiled
  • Coding guidelines, style, libraries, etc
  • Which branch should be the base of a pull request? The last release? master? next?

Is there a document describing such things? I didn’t find it.

P.S.: I posted this here, too: Developer Guide/Introduction?