Easy Wordpress Integration?



I recently found out about your project after being told by Disqus I’d need to switch to a premium account or else have ads and lose SSO features.

I like the concept of your project, I’m another blogger having to outsource my community to facebook as it’s what’s expected. My main concern is how easy it will be to implement.

  1. From what I’ve seen there’s no real wordpress plugin available, as a non developer github repositories are foreign. Much like when I was excited to implement Discourse as a forum but due to its complexity ended up settling for Vanilla.

As Wordpress accounts for 25% of the internet websites and you already have an Ask wordpress plugin I assume you’ve already got plans for it.

If so, my question or feature requests are:

  1. Does it sync the comments with the wordpress native database comments (i.e: do we own our comments?) Muut is an great example of a service I wouldn’t use because of this.

  2. One of the major reasons I mention the syncing is due to SEO. I read somewhere Talk uses iframes which won’t be seo friendly in indexing all the extra keywords and content that is found in the comments section.

  3. Performance is another big aspect for me, Disqus was a heavy loader even if it was async which in todays mobile age was not optimal. The extra requests for not only ads, but count scripts apart from the Cron database jobs to sync local comments on each visit have taken my site down more than once (although I hear V3 is going to use an api instead.)

  4. Is it responsible and mobile friendly? AMP, etc…?

Thank you for your efforts, I really look forward to giving this a try.


hi Zoxg40x!

I have some answers, will ping @jeff for anything I’m missing.

  1. WordPress: We do indeed have a plugin in the works - but it already works out of the box with WordPress. Our blog is running Talk, and it’s a WordPress blog.

  2. You control the hosting of Talk, and you own everything. We don’t have access to it anywhere. Install instructions are here. Right now they’re pretty technical, we’ll have an easier installer for hosting platforms soon. We don’t have any syncs set up with other databases, but that’s something we’d love someone to build.

  3. See above re syncing.

  4. Talk is around 300kb, and makes five network requests (not including fonts, depending on your styling), none of which are to ad tech. It’s pretty lightweight and very stable.

  5. Talk is fully responsive and mobile friendly. We haven’t yet investigated AMP.

I hope that answers your questions! Anything else, just let us know. And let us know how it goes!



There is a broken link for Install instructions are here, I received a 404 at https://github.com/coralproject/talk/blob/master/INSTALL.md

For those of us who are not web devs, is Talk easy to install in WordPress?

Thanks very much,



Thanks John - I’ve updated the link.

We do have a WordPress plugin, https://github.com/coralproject/talk-wp-plugin , but if you don’t have any dev experience, you might need some help to set up a server, and also to install updates as we release them.

Alternatively, we have a hosting partner for Talk in Bocoup - their information is here: https://coralproject.net/install.html That’s the best way for small publishers without dev resources, or those who don’t want to dedicate resources to managing their own hosting.

We’re going to be offering our own, lower-cost hosting for small/hobby websites later this year. Sign up for our newsletter at tinyletter.com/coralproject to be notified about that.

Hope that helps!



Thanks Andrew, your quick response is much appreciated!

I’m in the process of setting up a couple of WordPress based websites and have been looking at commenting systems to use. I will certainly add Talk to the list to test!

Thanks again,



Still getting a 404 here: https://github.com/coralproject/talk/blob/master/INSTALL.md

A 404 also appears on the github page https://github.com/coralproject/talk-wp-plugin/blob/master/README.md:

First, you’ll need a server running your own instance of Talk. See the Talk installation guide for more info about that.

The link on installation guide leads to the same URL noted above…




Thanks John! We fixed the link.

Here are where the Talk Docs live: https://coralproject.github.io/talk/


Thanks Kim, but that link is still giving me a 404!





Yeah that link inherently is broken unfortunately. So use the Docs url I posted instead. It has all the information you need.

I updated the broken link reference on the plugin README.


Hello there,

Well, for Talk to be Wordpress - compatible, we need the plugin to :

  • use the same user base that Wordpress has (native SSO),
  • saves Talk comments in the Wordpress database (sync)

So who’s up here to share a developping project with these goals ? Because it’s not on Coral Project’s priority list atm and we might wait a looong time before we can see Talk comments over Wordpress-based websites.

I have the human ressources for it, but it will require a few of us to share the bill I’m afraid.


Thanks Pierre! A reminder of what we have that might be helpful:

How to connect with external authentication

Our current WordPress plugin (enables Talk for WordPress use, but as you say, doesn’t do those two things)



Hello Andrew,

We checked the links above. But in order for Talk to be much more easily available on Wordpress sites, much has to be done still. It will require some dev time. Therefore I’m looking for partners in order to build that integration.


yes exactly! I just wanted to make sure anybody joining the thread here knew what we’d already done, so that they aren’t starting at zero.

Thanks Pierre!


New call ! Any media would like to join the effort to build a functionnal Wordpress plugin to integrate Coral’s Talk ?

We need 2 or 3 partners to build a GNU plugin for Coral project that will :

  • use the same user base that Wordpress has (native SSO), no new account creation necessary from users,
  • saves Talk comments in the Wordpress database (sync), so comments are still here should anyone decides to move to another comment system.


Hi Pierre-- we’d like to get in on this. We’re going to be extending the plugin and doing some similar work.

Re: synching, our approach might be to use an API call to grab the comment count, then overwrite the $comment_count variable in WP. We can embed a javascript file in the footer, similar to what Disqus does. In our case, we don’t want to sync to the WP native database, because we have too many comments and that database gets bloated fast. It seems like building a tool that exports and reformats data from Talk might be a separate initiative, or at least that’s my thinking. But let’s chat!


Ah good news !

I’ll invite our main developper to the discussion, who’s best suited to talk with you I’m afraid.

The big issue as I see it is the SSO, so that Worpdress users doesn’t have to create a new account.


We are seeing a considerable hit on comments since migrating to Talk, largely, we think, because of comment count not appearing on our post bylines. Our users report that they’re used to scanning headlines and looking for popular posts on which to participate in discussion. We could very much use help if anybody here is actively working in Wordpress.


For Wordpress to correctly work with Ask, comments have to be synchronised between Ask database and WP database. Therefore, the wordpress plugin needs to provide this constant link, with contents updates of course and anonymisations options.