Enable editing and deleting of comments with no timeframe


Hi is there any way to disable the time frame rather than just setting a very large number in the configuration window? Also is there a reason users are not allowed to delete their own posts?


Hi Anna! We don’t recommend making editing infinite, as that makes it easy for people to abuse the feature - for instance, by writing something deliberately inflammatory, waiting for people to respond, then changing the text to something innocently innocuous, to make the other people look unreasonable.

That’s also why we don’t let people delete posts - if they’ve changed their mind, we’d like them to say so, instead of shutting down the conversation.

We might introduce an optional delete feature in the future, but it’s not on our imminent road map.

Hope that helps!

Project Lead, The Coral Project


Thank you for the quick response! I can understand the reasoning behind it - especially if comments are not versioned in the database (which I’m assuming they’re not?).
I however can see the use case when someone has a typo or some other minor change that has not been picked up in the editing timeframe or perhaps commented on the wrong thread…
Is this functionality something we could develop by a plugin as it is not on the imminent road map?




Hi Anna

Yes! Here’s the guide to developing these type of plugins:

We recommend that you log any technical or design questions for our team about how to implement this in github: github.com/coralproject/talk

Thanks so much! We’re excited to see this come together.