Extending Coral Talk Admin



I’m running the Talk and now I would like to extend some functionalities of Admin.
As I understood, the plugins works only for embed stream, not for Admin stuff. Did I miss something?

i would like to create a new comment status, that will be called “mentions”. This list will used to show all comments that is a reply for a staff user.

What is the best way to do this? I already start dev this feature, but I have done a lot of modifications on core (change schema, enums, queueconfig, etc)… Are there some way to do this avoiding to change the core and continue be able to update the Talk for new released versions?

Also, I was wondering if I use for this a new status or add some flag or tag.

I would love to hear from you the best approach for do this. Any tip or advice would be great.

Thank you very much.

Auth changes for Talk Admin?

Hi Leandro! The best way is to submit an Issue detailing your feature, any architectural choices, and additional information, so that our team can give you some feedback. Then you can submit a PR when the feature is done and we will review it and go from there.