FF/IE: Popup not scrollable after failed registration


Hi, I’ve noticed a bug where after you’ve clicked on sign up without filling in the fields, the content expands because of the error messages, but you can’t scroll the window in Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Hey @krokben I’m having trouble replicating this. Could you post a gif showing exactly what you’re doing?

Also could you tell me the version of IE, FF, and your OS?



Hi @kgardnr, I recorded a gif for you (really crappy quality, sorry). The instructions are:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “sign in to comment”.
  3. Click “register”.
  4. Without filling any of the fields in, click “Sign up”.
  5. Now you can’t the “Already have an account?” text anymore because the error messages made the container bigger. In Chrome you can scroll down but on Firefox and Internet Explorer (maybe even Edge?), you can’t. I just tested this on the very latest Firefox version 60.0, but have seen this in other versions and IE as well. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1.



Ah I see! Thank you! We will address this in another ticket we have coming up (not fleshed out yet) - to fix the modal popout/styling:


Great! Thank you :slight_smile: