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The link color should be changed, because it does barely contrast with the text color. May you could use the pink of the coral project logo. This is the current link color.


That is one of the first options I am going to test for CCA. Discourse has a weird styling system so I might have to override it as well. We’ll see.


Hey. There are many broken images on your site. The problem is the WordPress 4.4 srcset bug.

WordPress 4.4.1 fixed the bug for future images, but previous posts may still have problems.

The fix
Make sure you are running 4.4.1 and then root out the invalid srcset urls via a search and replace on wp_posts.


Ugh. Thanks Jason. We’re running 4.4.1, but need to do that search / replace. Thanks for reporting it.


Thanks, I’ll give this a shot.


Changed profile email address cannot be accessed.

Just to be a pain, (new member) I went and changed my email address and then ignored the email Coral sent me. When I went to enter a new email address, I could not access that field. Had the email address be wrong, I would have been in limbo.


Contact Form invalid email address error.

I as dutifully went to report an error in the wrong location on the site (the above link) I had a problem.

As I typed in my email address, the “@” character triggered the invalid format message.

Oddly, when I clicked submit (despite it also having a validation error message) both errors disappeared. It did not submit but was now happy for the moment. Tried an new one and was looking at an error again. Hoping around between various fields on the form caused this behavior to stop.

Considering I was locked out of changing my email address on my profile, it was quite humorous because I also couldn’t contact Coral. Lol.


Thanks DHorse. This forum is run using Discourse’s free software, they have a community here for discussing their platform and reporting bugs: