Guardian's comments ideas


The Guardian held an hackaton about comments with their dev team. Nieman Lab published the best ideas.


Two very similar hacks are “smash the trolls” and “Setting the Tone”. Both suggest the original author to start the conversation.

I have seen articles that ask an open question at the bottom. And Süddeutsche Zeitung (@hinschauer) has a similar approach by asking an open question and linking to one or more of their articles (list of recent questions).

And indeed many commenters respond to the question. I think this method might not “smash the trolls”, but could decrease the number of unintentional derailments.


Thanks Pierre!

Disqus also held a comments hack day recently:


Nice. There’s a lot of talk about these kinds of solutions. The Verge opens its comments with questions from the journalists. And the use of “off-topic” seems to be an experiment that’s working at WaPo: