[Help] Make API calls on a page without a TALK stream possible?


Hi friends,

On a homepage with dozens of articles, I want to surface the number of comment count for each article. Is it possible to make the API calls ( using the asset endpoint) on such a page when there is no TALK plugin running there?

Thank you all in advance!


Hey @helluin can you explain what you’re trying to do?


Oh it’s you Eli - hello :slight_smile:


We recently published a new plugin that might be exactly what you’re looking for if I’m understanding you correctly. Are you saying that you want to be able to display the count of comments on each article on a home page list of articles?

If so, checkout this https://github.com/coralproject/talk-plugin-comment-count

The plugin provides a count endpoint that can be passed various query parameters to retrieve comment counts by asset_id, or url.