Help us with a design problem!


For our Trust app, we currently have filtering by Author and website sections to help people drill deeper into the data. We have the data ready to support asset filtering as well.

But here’s the thing: there are many thousands or even millions of assets (individual users, comments, actions, etc).

What are some useful, intuitive and sane asset filtering interfaces for non-data scientists that we can use as inspiration?

(copied and edited from this GitHub issue)


Off the top of my head, and I saw it in the Github discussion as well, I would suggest a URL search with a search bar. It’s simple and I am not sure you can guarantee every article with comments will definitely have a clear byline.

It’d of course be nice if you could then save those URL searches for easy access but that’s just a random thought.


Hi, Andrew. I’m late to this conversation, but I need a little more explanation to understand your question. I my world, and asset usually refers to an article. So I’m not really following what you mean by an “asset filtering interface.” The items you list look more like data fields. But speaking of non-data scientists, that’s my question for you. Marie T./Suffragist