How can I translate texts that come with plugins? And best way to do styling by using docker


I am able to translate by using translation plugin-recipe but other plugins can’t be translated through it. What is the best way to translate texts that come with other plugins for example ‘respect’ or some other.

Also, can you give me any advice how to implement my custom CSS to Talk when deploying via Docker? Where should I locate my style file and how to reference to it in admin dashboard?


Hi @juhaniahola,

Great to see you’ve made great progress with Talk!

  1. You can translate plugins by adding to the translations.yml file in the plugin source directory. See for an example.

  2. I’d recommend uploading your stylesheet to an external service like S3 or CDN and and referencing the stylesheet using that URL.

Please let me know if I can assist further.



And if you go to Configure: Tech Settings in the Admin interface, you’ll see the place to put the URL for CSS there:


Hey @jeff!

Thank you very much! This gets me ahead!

You also confirmed my thoughts on implementing custom styling :slight_smile:

I will be in touch if I face any further issues and will share my experience and solutions if/when I have successfully deployed Talk.



What about adding CSS internally? Any advice on how to implement that? It just seems a bit overkill to have S3 bucket to only host a small stylesheet.

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Hi @juhaniahola, you can also simply host the stylesheet where you host the website where you will be embedding Talk. That’s what most blogs/newsrooms do. Hope that helps!