How could we categorize users?


As we work on our Trust tool, we’re seeing if we can categorize users by their past behavior, in order to take smarter actions on their comments.

Here are some suggestions. What are we missing?

So far we have:

• Find trolls/people behave in an abusive manner on a particular topic/author
• Find Positive Community Members by Section/Author
Definition: People who engage positively with others in the group
• Find Good Posters by Section/Author
Definition: people who might not engage with others but leave informative, well-liked posts
• Find Good New Contributors by Section/Author
People who only recently joined, and leave positive contributions
• Find Reliable Flaggers by Section/Author
People whose flags usually result in a post being deleted
• Find Unreliable Flaggers by Section/Author
People whose flags usually don’t result in a post being deleted

What else?


How about:

  • Find commenters who generate a high level of general user engagement?
    Definition: People who’s posts keep other people/commenters most engaged in the website as measured by something like time on site or pages per session.


Oh, nice! That would require a bit more plumbing than we’re doing at the start, but I love the idea.

  • Find People who like discussing
    Definition: People who often write responses to replies of their posts.

  • Find People who dislike discussing
    Definition: People who rarely write responses to replies of their posts.


We could also have “verified profiles”, like Twitter and Facebook do.

The idea behind this, at least for a local community as mine, is to make sure that if we have known personalities engaging in the discussion, make sure their profile is verified (by us), noted as so, and it will certainly drive more comments and engagement from everyone else.

We already have elected officials commenting, or people already quoted in the article, continuing the discussion by taking part in the comments.


Nice, thanks Pierre!


I was thinking if categorizing users based on either their primary interests or profession would be helpful - eg: Politics, Art (may be subcategorize this to dance, Music, etc), Tech, Sociology and so on?


Well here’s an obvious few but tricky:
Find people flooding the site
Find people flooding some threads
Find people that dialogue mainly with each other