How failed internal dialog in an enterprise now happens on local news website


Hello there,

A brief case-study for everyone in local news.

A truck company in Strasbourg, France, is having a hard time and apparently is trying to lay off some of its workforce. A conflict appeared with the unions of course. The story took a somewhat dramatic stance when one of the union worker was accidentally hit by a truck trying to avoid blockade. We (Rue89 Strasbourg) wrote a small story about it.

But since it’s almost the only place where the conflict in this truck company appeared on the medias, many workers there are using our comments to voice their positions on the issues : should the strike go on or not, is the blockade killing what’s left of the company, etc.

Apparently, the social dialog between this company workers is happening in our comments, because they fail having it within their enteprise.

On a personal note, I deeply regret we don’t have the proper tools in order to make this online dialog more productive, and more “news generating” matter. But we may score some progress with Coral here, make sure these kind of voices are heard and somewhat solve a problem.

For those understanding french, this is where it happens :


This is amazing, thanks for sharing this Pierre.

What tools do you wish you had specifically in this instance to help improve the dialog?


Well, first, it would have been nice to have some kind of real quick “who are you” thing, basic identity to make sure we can get back at them, in order to verify a claim they post for example.

It’s tricky because some people prefer to express anonymously, but it would be nice to have a baseline for people to show they work there, or they work for an union…

Secondly, it’s a mess to reply to multiple users and if someone writes an entry with several points, it’s hard to keep track.
In other words, how can something positive can outcome of these kinda vindicative comments ? I’ve got phone calls from people wishing to remove their comments, because of the hateful replies…

Thirdly, providing we can secure this, it would be nice to have some kind of voting system. After some debate, some proposals, and a vote. Hence the identification I mentionned earlier in this post.