Image/video/audio uploads in Ask?


Hi there,

I’m just looking here:

and wondering when Ask might have video, audio, photo upload capacity. It seems to be on the roadmap and would really be a great feature!

And if not, what do people suggest as an alternative for forms where the option for uploading those are required. Should we offer a link to an alternative platform that enables uploads for those users who need more than text.

Thanks for you work!


Hi Matt,

Thanks so much for reaching out and for asking.

We’ve heard from a few newsrooms that this kind of functionality would be useful; however, right now, our resources are focused on developing Talk, so we’d need someone to commit developer resources to helping add this functionality. (Plug: we’re an open source project, all contributions very welcome!)

One group did talk about the idea of using SoundCloud’s API to allow submission and then playback of audio, though to date that hasn’t been developed.

A few things that will need to be taken into account:

• Dealing with malware (we have a blogpost about this)
• Creating a moderation interface to manage images - Ask’s current UI isn’t optimized for image/video management. The Guardian’s open-sourced Grid system might be a good starting point
• Hosting costs for large submissions
• Automated resizing / cropping of large images

Right now, I’ve seen newsrooms use platforms such as Flickr, Instagram, an email address, an SMS number and others to collect images. Some form platforms do offer this as well; I don’t have any particular recommendation for one over another, but perhaps others in the community do.

Let us know if you’re interested in helping us add that capability, and let us know how any call outs go!



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this. We’d love to help, but also have limited developer time. It’s worth us understanding the situation a bit more in case that changes.

Do you know if some third-party API’s like Soundcloud/Flickr assist with e.g. malware checks, resizing? That might simplify implementation.

And when you say: “right now, our resources are focused on developing Talk”, do you have a timeframe within which that might change, and Ask etc. might see some attention?

Thanks again!


Hi Matt,

Not right now - our roadmap is strongly affected by user feedback, especially among our core constituency (news organizations.) As of today, it’s been casually enquired after by a few, but not strongly advocated by anyone. Talk is far more key for far more orgs, so our focus is there.

I’ll let you know as and when that changes!




Thanks Andrew. I’d love to find out how that roadmap changes.