Installing Talk in a large portal



I work for a large communication company and we are testing Talk to replace our commenting system.

I would like to know if there are any architecture documentation for Talk, to help us creating an infrastructure for the project.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @thomaz! Great to hear you’re looking at Talk.

Have you checked out our docs here?

What is your timeline for making a decision and/or migrating to Talk? What system are you currently using now? Something homegrown, or an out of the box tool? We can advise you on some migration tools if you give us some more info.




Thanks for your quick reply. We are already looking at docs here, and we are also studying the source code.
I don’t have a specific timeline to share, but we are pretending to make it live before the end of the year. (We will also need to develop some specific plugins for authentication and other integrations with our solutions)
Yes, we are using a homegrown comment system, django based (heavily modified), that is becoming outdated.
We will probably have no need to migrate old comments, since is a huge database (it is about 100M comments), and as we don’t receive new comments on old content we could just create a static copy of it.
Mostly we would like to understand how redis and mongo are used, what could be cached and how all pieces of the software works together.

Thanks again!