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Software Platform and tools

Hi Everyone!

I’m Andrew, the project lead of The Coral Project.

I really want to talk to everyone about what we’re doing, to get your thoughts and ideas so that we can work better and smarter, and to hear more about your community challenges and successes.

What should we be reading/thinking about/doing? I can’t wait to hear more.


Hey all,

I’m David. I’m tech lead on the Coral Project. I spend my days working with coders, code and the coding community.

If you have any questions, ideas or other thoughts about Coral products, code, etc… please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Hey there, I’m the Front-End Developer on the Coral Project! I’m excited to get these tools out to everyone that wants them. I’ll be working with our team and the community to bring these ideas to the internet.

Hit me up at or


Hi there – I’m Greg Barber, Coral’s lead for strategy & partnerships. I’m excited to hear from anyone who’s interested in building better digital communities, and those who’d like to work with our team at Coral.

My favorite online communities are on The Washington Post. But I’m a bit biased.

Feel free to reach out:


Hi there! I’m Pablo Cúbico, from Rosario, Argentina. I’m building frontend prototypes for the Coral Project. I worked as a full stack developer + UX researcher for many years.

I’m trying to improve current commenting UIs through research and data, to then prototype and code experiments that will (hopefully) deliver valuable insights to the Coral ecosystem.

If you have any ideas on this subject (or any other!) feel free to ping me at:


Hola! Soy Pablo Cúbico, de Rosario, Argentina. Estoy construyendo prototipos de Front-end para el Coral Project. Trabajé como developer full stack + investigador de UX por varios años.

Estoy tratando de mejorar las UIs actuales de comentarios a través de investigación y datos, para luego prototipar y programar experimentos que (espero) traerán revelaciones de valor para el ecosistema de Coral.

Si tienes cualquier tipo de ideas en éstas áreas (o cualquier otra!), escríbeme a:


Hello Everyone!

I’m Sydette the Community Lead at the Coral Project! I 'm super excited to talk to everyone and see ther thoughts and conversations we can generate . My favorite onine communites are the AV.Club and SB Nation .


Hi all,

I’m Caty Green, the assignment editor for The Atlantic’s digital side. It’s kind of an amorphous, evolving job, but my focus is on finding new voices and ideas to be featured on our site, exploring new initiatives to connect with different audiences, and planning/executing special projects (i.e., editorial projects, not web dev). I’m not sure these count as fave online communities since they’re so carefully curated by each user, but I rely on Twitter and Tumblr for casual correspondence and keeping tabs on what other people are thinking about.


Hi everyone! I’m Amanda Zamora, senior engagement editor at ProPublica and Washington Post alumna. I work on growing audiences for our investigative work, but also engaging communities with a vested interest in the issues we cover to contribute their stories, expertise, etc. We’re excited to be a part of this community — and to see how the Coral Project evolves. Looking forward to “meeting” more of you. :slight_smile: az


Hello, I’m Nassir Isaf. I’m the community manager at, which on most days means I’m whacking bad comments and writing stern emails to people who make bad comments. I’ve been following the Coral Project casually for a good while now, so when Sydette sent an invite I thought I’d say hello! The tools I use force me into a lot of compromises I’d rather not be making, so there’s always hope for something better. Not sure what I can contribute, but I’ll lurk around.


Happy Wednesday all! I’m Emily. I work in UX research with news and feature teams in the NYT newsroom. I’m excited about Coral Project progress. I previously worked at Mozilla Foundation and am glad to join this community. Most of my community interactions take place on WhatsApp, Slack, Twitter and email (please save me on the last one).


Hi there. Aron from the Guardian. I am Interim Chief Digital Officer and I run Guardian Visuals. In a former life, I was at the NYT, and helped write the grant that ended up being this project. Glad to be here.


Hello everyone! I’m Federica and I work as a media journalists and researcher in London. I help the World Association of Newspapers (WAN-IFRA) with its engagement strategy and I’m currently working on a research for the Reuters Institute in Oxford on audience engagement & development and newsroom analytics. In 2013 I worked on the “Online comment moderation” report for WAN-IFRA. We interviewed 104 publications worldwide on how they manage and moderate online comments. Very excited to be joining this community. Most of my community interactions happen on Twitter, Whatsapp and a couple of Facebook groups.



I’m Eric, a recent NYU Studio 20 (digital innovation in journalism) grad student. My final thesis project was to help design, with Amanda Zamora and Terry Parris, ProPublica’s Crowd Powered News Network, trying to test out engagement strategies to create more efficient connections among other community engagers.

My passion is participatory journalism and how technology can create paths for different and diverse communities to commit tiny (or big!) acts of journalism, which is why I am so excited to see what the Coral Project is up to, and how I can contribute to build these awesome tools. As I look for future work, I would love to be involved with an innovation and R+D team creating these sorts of tools and platforms.

I’ve worked as a community educator in tenant rights and lead poisoning awareness, housing organizing, co-founded an online community magazine back home in Costa Rica and was part of a co-design course at the MIT Media Lab helping a PHd student create online consensus tools.

Some of my favorite online communities are just extensions of real ones: Facebook groups, Slack, etc.


Hi everybody!

I’m Gabriela (or Gaba for many) and I work as a software developer for the Coral Project. I’m so so so excited for the tools and ideas we are discussing and help develop. You can reach me via twitter (@gaba) or look at my contact information in



Hey folks,

My name’s Tara and I’m a 2015 Knight-Mozilla fellow working on the Coral Project. I’m a developer mostly working on the metrics / data science side right now, but also spend a lot of time thinking about privacy, participatory design, and interactive graphics. I was formerly a user researcher, so I have a lot of love for UX / design processes.

I love talking about any of the above, so feel free to say hi on twitter (@taraadiseshan)!


Hello! I’m Francis, one of the devs for the Coral Project, focusing on building out our data analysis systems. If you have ideas, questions, or thoughts around community metrics, hit me up!


Hi everyone! I already love this discussion system, so I’m excited to be here. I’m Angilee Shah, newly minted digital editor for Global Nation at PRI. We do a few things- we cover immigration and diverse communities in the US. But we’re also building a new inclusive model of news media for public radio. Check out our Facebook group here:

When I first started talking to Coral folks, I was the Social Media Manager for I helped develop PRI’s engagement model as it launched new digital products. Really excited to see what you/we can make to help information and news be better!


Hello everyone, my name is Eugene, I am a devops engineer for Coral Project. I am helping in setup and maintenance of common cloud automation tasks and deployment of code. If you have any questions about architecture or code deployments , feel free to get in touch me.


Hello, Coral Community Members! I’m Steve and am currently running Community Strategy & Platforms at Hearst. I’m passionate and opinionated about this stuff. A lot of this passion and opinion comes from work I’ve done with community contributors, contributions, and conversation at, True/Slant, Forbes, Condé Nast, Hearst, and as a member of others’ communities. The hope and expectation for myself is “passion and opinion informed by data and insights.” If I stray from that, or just take too long to make a point, something between a “gentle nudge” and “hammer blow” will help me course correct.

The discussions here should be super-informative. I’m looking forward to participating in them with you.