Introduce yourself!


John Kane, Director of eCommerce for Morris Publishing Group, I have always been fascinated with online commentators. Particularly interested in the level of reach a product reviewer on Amazon can increase sales for that particular product.

Currently I am creating local based online marketplaces for a markets which will engage the local community. Commenting will be a huge part of the growth of this marketplace and I will contribute in anyway possible to help grow effective and engaging communities online.


Hello VR,

Welcome. I’m excited to hear that comments are going well on Slate! Something many of the people in the commenting space talk about is “making the case for comments”. What are the most important aspects of community for you that make their case?


Hi John,

Welcome! Reviews are really interesting to think about as they are essentially comments ,ratings and personal testimony in one. Have you had any discussions with vendors about what they look for in their reviews, outside of customer satisfaction? What is the best case scenario for you?


Hello there from France.

I over-read this thread, and I might be the first french here. So I guess I’ll have a look on internationalisation process.

A quick note about myself, I founded 4 years ago a local news website in Strasbourg, a city east of France with roughly 450 000 inhabitants. From start, we wanted it to be a community website, driven by news yes but with a large part for citizens inputs.

We’re a very small team and we don’t have a lot of funding, so we started with the journalism part first and after two website overhaul, we’re now, at last, in the process of inventing how we could engage our community more, make sure our readers feel there is an interest in sharing their ideas, contribute and then, give us new topics ideas.

It’s all a massive process I have in mind, it’s far from our reach yet but I have a precise idea to where we’re going. I strongly believe that in local news, comments and global interactivity can provide a huge asset for a website, and maybe some revenues too.

Most of our ideas were summarised in a project we presented to a Google fund for news in 2014. Sadly, the project wasn’t accepted. But it’s all there, in french for now, and I’d be very happy to contribute as much as I can to a global project.

Edit : here is a link to us : Rue89 Strasbourg


Contributors talking about their work. Ha! (But really tho, I haven’t seen that enough.)

From a more technical perspective, I’m still hoping for someone to find a more elegant way of isolating particularly good threads/topics so that they can be surfaced in a way that doesn’t read like “the good part of a tall stack of comments under content” but a conversation that looks as good and worthy as the content itself. The too-beautiful-to-live did something like this but it wasn’t from comment sections.


Hi Pierre,

Welome! I would love a link to your site.What kind of inputs are you looking for from the citizenry? Are there any particular topics that have really drummed up a lot of interest?


Hi all, I’m Dustin. I worked for four years on Twitter’s Trust & Safety team, first as a lead on their User Safety Policy team and then starting their design-focused Product Trust team. (Also misc. web dev, community management. and newspaper production design.)

I really like building systems and spaces that enable civil discourse and I currently help product teams at 500startups and elsewhere to design safe and scaleable products, features, processes, policies, and rules.

I’m here to learn more about the problems publications are having and what we can do to avoid shutting down public discourse. Looking forward to chatting with y’all!


Welcome Dustin,

We are really looking forward to speaking with you. Scalability is my new favorite word so I am so glad you are working it. Is there at tipping point you have found in communities and trust? Are there signals or “road signs” that scalability is becoming an issue ? What are things you have seen that people should look out for?

I’m so interested to hear!

Operational Scaleability

Thanks, Sydette. Yes! I’ll start a thread over in the Strategy category about it.


Hello everyone,

I’m Snigdha, a graduate student at the University of Maryland, specializing in data analytics. I’m interested in research involving communities and the way they collaborate and learn. I have been a strong advocator of the Free and Open Source community, and that’s how The Coral Project caught my interest. I attended the Coral Project Hackathon in DC last weekend and met some amazing people with great ideas. I’m looking forward to participating in some of the projects here and meeting more people who are doing such an amazing job!


Welcome Snigdha! Tell us more about the analytics you’re working with. What do you think can be meaningfully measured and applied to online communities?

(Also one of your professors is here too, @nad)


Hello Everyone,

I am Lenny Rubenovitch, I work in various realms (media, content, video, storytelling, woodworking, people, web, non profit, community, rehab). I look forward to connecting, collaborating, developing, creating, inspiring, transpiring, writing, sharing, building, growing, learning and having a grand time doing it. I hope to build great relationships through The Coral Project and look forward to see how I can contribute to The Coral Project and make this world a better place. (*My website is past due for a re launch but feel I would rather spend my time more productively at the moment.)


Welcome Lenny! Sounds like you have a lot of varied experience online and offline! What do you think makes a successful online community space?


Hi Andrew and everyone else,

Thank you for reaching out and the positive comment. I feel there are many ingredients that contribute to making a successful online community space. I feel collaboration is very important, dedication, heart, timing, persistence, focus, research, development. I could break down these words and go into more detail as they are words and everyone interprets them differently, and some words have different meanings.

I learnt in a creativity course about brainstorming. To start with the broadest, unrealistic and out of this world ideas first. Then to refine and analyze and eventually focus in on what makes the most sense. I believe this technique can be applied to life, campaigns, creating change, or evaluating and executing what makes up a successful online community space. I feel one of the things that need to be considered though is how much time are we willing to put into the project. Is there a deadline? I feel the worthwhile things in life are putting in the time for. Considering that, patience I feel is also an important factor of reaching your goals or developing the most successful online community space. I feel there are other important elements and characteristics that contribute to making a successful online community space and over time I look forward and hope to share and grow with this community.

I was going to ask about more about how this community works but think I need to slow down and take some time to explore it more. I have lots to share and hope this is going to be an appropriate place to do so or at least a place where I can learn and grow and develop my skills, contribute to a community in which I feel I am passionate about. Work with others, hopefully inspire and and transpire positive energies which will result in moving towards my goals and others doing so with their own. Whatever those may be for each of us as they may change over time.

Thanks for everyones time.
Have a grand day!


Hello! I’m Katie Kutsko, and I just joined the team at American Press Institute last week. I’m the program associate, so I’m going to be dipping my toes into API’s various program areas, including youth media literacy, Thought Leader summit events, the Metrics for News program, and other research projects. I’m excited to participate in conversations surrounding online communities, news engagement, news literacy, social media, news ethics online, and pretty much anything else related to journalism and news media.

Personally, I use Facebook groups/messages, Twitter hashtags/ lists and Slack for my own online community interactions. I’m hoping to expand into the Coral Project’s community and beyond.


Hello Katie ,

Welcome to our community . I’m really interested in youth and online community. What conversations do you think need to be had around youth and news. What are things you are looking for Do any programs really excite you?

Warmest Regards


Hello everyone.
I’m John Ospina, Social Communicator - Journalist graduate of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, Colombia.

I currently live in Guadalajara, Mexico. Yes, the land of tequila.
Here I work for the University System of Radio, Television and Film at the University of Guadalajara in the position of Deputy Director of our International TV Station in L.A., CA and as distributor of our signal and contents across Smart TVs, OTT platforms and live streaming to Content Delivery Networks as Akamai and Octoshape, among others.

A few weeks ago I received the responsibility of leading the integration process of our newsroom with the team of Social Media and profiling the team with key skills for the practice of journalism by applying digital tools.

I would much rather work with the Coral project into preparing and translating documents into Spanish.

I hope to contribute effectively to meeting the project objectives.

Feel free to contact me through

Greetings to all.


Hello John,

Wow ! exciting to have you . What kind of relationships and communities is your newsroom hoping to generate with digital? I would also LOVE to talk to you about translation and skills . Please feel free to message me.



Hello All,

I am an international development aid professional who has a special interest in global conflict and contentious discourse. I currently work for the NGO The Asia Foundation in San Francisco.

I am currently foraying as a beginner with natural language processing to help conduct research on contentious politics, radicalization, and incitement to violence or discrimination.

One could say I am kept up at night trying to find ways to make the internet not only less troll-ey but also less of a place that encourages vindictive and retaliatory behavior even among normal users.

I look forward to becoming much more active in this community! I have a LOT to learn.




Hi Davey ,

Who are you doing the research with or are you doing it on your own? Is there any particular avenue that looks most promising. One of the most constant findings we have seen is visible community norms at the time of posting .

In terms of retaliatory behavior and trollishness may I recommend Katherine Cross.

This is a transcribed speech of hers :