Introduce yourself!


Hi Sydette,

Great to meet you.

At this point doing it on my own. But hope to align with some folks out here who can help me on both on the programming side and the discourse analysis side (SF Bay Area).

My job takes up a ton of my time, unfortunately, so its hard to keep up, but I hope to catch up on the latest through this community, and then get into gear very soon. And so thanks for the links!




I’m a developer at

We are creating a better place for people to discuss important news.

I’m here to learn and share.



Welcome Lars,

Hi! I am really interested in Fiskkit’s choice of respect as a rating. How did you decide that and how does it affect the way you look at news now?


Hi Sydette,

sorry to keep you waiting this long. I was quite busy, but currently I am trying to set the communication with our readers right. We had quite some success on the level of useful comments due to our change of the system, which is mostly guided by interest and little by metrics. As we know quite good what our readers are interested in to discus, we usually focus on national and international politics and add some softer forums on soccer, popular culture.

One could say that we are looking for letters to the editor, but with the possibilities of the internet. Speed and reciprocity. A good comment should not be a one-liner, but an addition to the article or the topic it refers to. That could be an expert’s analysis, a link to an additional source or some similar.



I really love that phrasing


Hello everyone!

I’m Belen, a software developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m passionate about web technologies.

I like to switch between frontend and backend software development, which allows me to build apps from the beginning, end to end, and most importantly to work in interdisciplinary teams.

In my free time I’m learning new tools, going to technology meetups and reading blogs. I enjoy sharing my experience and learning from others.

My favourite online community would be the javascript community. Also, the github community.

Feel free to reach me if you’d like to talk about some related topic, or just talk! @okbel


My name is Donna L. Halper. I’m a media historian, researcher, free-lance writer, author of six books & many articles, a former broadcaster (best-known for discovering the rock group RUSH), and a current professor of Communication and Media Studies at Lesley University in Cambridge MA. Good journalism matters a lot to me, and not only because I teach courses in it. I subscribe to a number of newspapers and magazines (both in print and online) and I do what I can to be supportive of independent voices, especially those doing investigative work on topics that deserve more coverage. I don’t always have time to actively participate in online communities, but I do read people’s responses, especially on topics I find interesting or that relate to what I’m teaching. I’m a member of Twitter, Facebook, and several online communities like “The Hive” over at Nice to find this site, and I look forward to making a positive contribution to it.



My key interest is in extending the ideas in Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation. My thinking is that both people and machines need to be improved to further collaboration.

I have a chapter on knowledge management for intranets in Harnessing Social Media As a Knowledge Management Tool.

More about me at and Currently I’m the CEO of Krypton Brothers.

I like to be surprised, such as when I read snips of good poetry in comments.


This post is old-ish but has good tips on Forbes successes.


JP_Gomes - I replied to your Medium story.


A Bennington College graduate resides in our household.


Hi Okbel,

So excited to have you here! What do you like about your preferred communities? What are some of your favorite conversations on them now?

( Sorry about my delay I was sick)


Welcome Donna!

Great to have you ? I am interested to know what you think are the most important aspects of online communities? What part of that do you most engage with as part of Media Analysis ? Which of the communities you are a member is your favorite and why?

Also discovering RUSH is a contribution to the world and we thank you for it.



That book is on my list. Is there any one aspect that sticks out to you as most important ? Are there any facets of offline conversation that you think can successfully be brought to online conversation ? What was you last good surprise in an online conversation?


For me, as a professor and a media critic, online communities are a wonderful opportunity to engage with other scholars, researchers, and interested commenters (from any occupation, not just academia) who are discussing topics that matter to me. Online conversation, even when I am just lurking, helps me to understand the perspectives of people I might otherwise never meet, and consider opinions with which I may or may not agree.

Years ago, when I was a management and radio consultant, I traveled all over the US and Canada, and I was able to expose myself to a variety of opinions. But these days, my work and my health keep me in Massachusetts. Nice place to be, but most of the folks I encounter are blue state liberals or Republican moderates. In order to broaden my scope, I need to find ways to hear from people who think differently, not just those whose views are similar to mine. I take the philosophy of the late great Emmanuel Lévinas very seriously-- he encouraged us to "look into the face of ‘the other’ "; that is, to make ‘the other’ more real, more human by communicating with them. If I can’t be in a room with everyone who sees politics or media (or whatever else) differently from how I see it, reaching out online is the next best thing.

Social media, like Twitter, can be a fun way to reach out too; but the 140 character limit makes rants & talking points and insults too easy. At their best, online conversation groups can provide a space for new ideas, and make interaction and critical thinking possible. Of course, the problem is unmoderated groups where trolls can take over; or groups where everyone is similar and a sort of groupthink sets in. Still, I figure it’s better to engage than to remain on the sidelines. So here I am! (And I’m glad you are a Rush fan. Being a part of their story is something that will always be special to me.) So what is your experience with online groups?


My name is James Bohan, I run an incident reporting service, in the Northern New Jersey area. I am not a journalist and have no formal training, as such. My service is followed by major and local news services alike, and thrives on public comment. I am here to, hopefully learn best practices and network. Thank you for this opportunity.


Hi all, my name is Paolo and I am a researcher at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, I work on public consultations using deliberation both online, offline and hybrid (info on my research here). I am currently involved in 2 projects that will include an online deliberation tool: 1) EMPATIA that is an open source platform for multichannel engagement for cities, a sort of integration mechanism on which you can plug whatever engagement mechanism you like, from issue reporting software, to digital consultation to digital participatory budgeting etc. etc., 2) a small grant (250k) that aims at testing the possibility of applying different e-deliberation platforms to the comment section of newspapers, we are going to test with a randomized controlled trial the Deliberatorium vs vs a standard forum. I am super interested in what Coral is doing to port some of its stuff beyond the comment sections of online news in public consultations (project 1), and also to use some of your tools if I get the funds to do the experiment (project 2). Here is project 2 description we passed the first selection of the grant in May, and now we are submitting it for the final selection in two weeks. (New edit: I forgot to mention everything will be open source and the research will be published in open access journals)


I’m a TV producer turned co-founder of Believe tech can help but not in itself. Not many can yet bridge both, I can so want to help. I’m in Toronto.


Oh so many

I think like most I started online looking for community. around news that affected me personally


Welcome Pablo!

Good luck with the grant! What three engagement metrics/or measures matter most to you ? Where do you see online engagement being most useful?