Introduce yourself!


Also I see you report yourself as being in Alberta. Our Lead Engineer @wyattjoh is in Calgary. We have deep Albertan roots :slight_smile:


Calgary is a great city. The people are very friendly and I enjoy it’s diversity. It’s still a place where you can say “hi” on the street.


I’ll let you know in a week or two. Historically I usually have one or two companies I provide detailed feedback to. I tend to approach that as:

  1. Enhancements that improve the user experience.
  2. Enhancements that would (efficiently) provide useful/valuable social data.
  3. Detailed web or service problem reports and troubleshooting. (thanks for the link in your other post)
  4. Suggestions on how to improve managing the site or community.

At the moment, I would like to offer some very specific advice on how the TI article was done via email. I’m a bit uncomfortable with doing that in a forum but would encourage Coral posting excerpts in the correct thread later.



I am Ilphrin (Kevin in real life) and I am a Mozillian since a few years now.I heard a lot about Talk, but it lacks a feature I’d like, so I try to create a plugin and I thought being here would be helpful (and fun).

I am from Lyon in France, but currently live in Quebec until August for studies in computer science. I love Web, photos, video games, and sushis! Lets get in touch all =D

PS: I want to be able to post a comment as an anonymous/guest user in Talk to use it on my personal blog, I heard it would be nice to create a plugin for that, I am not sure how to handle that but I am already working on it! It is really fun and interesting, and it gives me a lot of ideas of where I could help Talk!


Hi Kevin! You’re very welcome here, let us know how the plugin goes and how we can improve our documentation!


I still be a week or two evaluating your project and site. I wanted to take a few minutes a give you some early feedback.

Who do you think gets [it] right?

  1. Hm. Let me first say The Coral Project isn’t my main focus. I expected to spend at most 8 hours evaluating your site cuz I’m a nice guy (wink.) Now seeing the wide scope and sheer volume of material published and (particularly) linked here I’m impressed.

  2. Anyway, new plan, I’m going to spend about another 40 hours here and the same amount looking at The Intercept. That figure includes about 8 hours for trolling Glenn (wink again.)

  3. TI’s site is sort of my (tiny) case study. I have spent many hours there including my “personal” time. I have been making vague complaints that the site is a bit basic. I had overlooked their great Documents section and ?Snowden? section. Good search tools as well.

  4. (TI) You can combine that with a few articles there (and here that I could cite) that I’ll use as a well sourced desk reference on a few topics. Respect. The comments section are of equal value to articles in this regard. They should stay open. Obviously.

What kind of enhancements would you like to see in our work?

As an evaluator and developer, the current Agile methodology is (by design) biased towards being reactive rather that visionary. I sorry, there has to be a five year plan and scope for The Coral Project. But… it (visionary thinking) does exist and take place among the developers and other steak holders, vegetarians and various members of the meritocracy. All (successful) Agile developers adapt the paradigm and address these issues. Do you?

As a stakeholder, this visionary process is opaque. I believe you do (sincerely) want to engage the community. More importantly, we can be leveraged more effectively. Regardless, I know I am quite interested in that conversation.

I’m out of time and it’s TL;DR but originally I would have given a detailed response on the site user experience. The short version:

.This isn’t a new site, you get low marks for growth of engagement for what seems like a (potentially?) very broad community. Nobody is talking. Perhaps it’s less problematic and resource intensive. The enthusiasm of your team stands out though. Could we examine the process here when a single commenter begins to dominate the conversation?

You get high marks for presentation, navigation, depth and continuity of content, (also not being fake news) Have a Mostly Accurate… and a cookie :ribbon: (the UI had no cookie) Lol.

So. Good job.


Thanks David - this feedback is really helpful.

It’s true that this community space has become pretty quiet over the past few months, and much of our engagement with our communities comes through targeted user research among both newsrooms and commenters (we’d love to add you to that group, if you’re willing.)

In 2018, we hope to reignite our community interactions, focusing on publisher communities primarily, but also making sure that this space is visible and welcome for any commenters and others who want to join the discussion.

Meantime, we’ll accept the cookie with pride, and are always listening. Any features on The Intercept itself our beyond our remit - we only build the base comment tools that they have taken and adapted - but let us know what else you’d like to see, as you continue your exploration.

Thanks again,

Project Lead, The Coral Project


Hi Andrew,

That sounds really exciting let me give it a little thought.

My biggest design problem for 2018 concerns two related (polar) concepts. How would comments bubble up vertically through various organization channels? How might comments across social media channels be rolled into a Talk comments section?

So it is a broader question of can open source be repurposed? What are the implications of that?

It should be a fun and exciting year. I have even recruited a clown to assist me with the project. We’re thinking of an getting an online bouncy castle to get all the kids involved.

[edit. hopefully that clown reference will explain the Twitter thing.]
[follow up: I over simplified above. Social Media vs Comments Section are actually horizontal with respect to a vertical organization structure.]


That sounds really interesting although, as a commenter, I might be a bit of an edge case. I would be happy to help and I’m sure I’ll learn quite a bit along the way.

However, as an #onlineTwitterCommedian, I might need a few concessions.

First, I’m going to need a free copy of the Coral Talk software. I might be willing to pay the shipping costs.

Second, as you may have heard, I work for food, so I’m going to have to get a cookie out of this. I’d like to see the cookie before we begin work.

Finally, and I can’t budge on this one, my cat wants to be included in the project too. He can usually be trusted.

It was great hearing from you Andrew. Let me know if it is a deal.

Regards, David G. Horsman.



Hi Andrew,

andrew_coralProject Lead, The Coral ProjectJan '16
Ha. I’m afraid not - it’s a function of how Discourse, the forum software, works. We’ve just updated to the latest version, hopefully that will help fix this.

andrew_coralProject Lead, The Coral ProjectJan '16
(You can read more about Discourse4 here)

How many posts show up on this site that are Discourse issues vs. Talk issues?

Are Total UI Issues or other stats available? (I saw your one post on total comments)

Are the two (Talk/Discourse) ever conflated due to your using Discourse?


I’ll do you a special deal: our free software at a 50% discount. Whaddyasay?


Are the two (Talk/Discourse) ever conflated due to your using Discourse?

Not really. We’ve been asked a few times about this software, and I just point people to where people can find more information about it.

As you can see, this community is not as active as it has been in the past, and there are other channels for reporting bugs in Ask and Talk, so it doesn’t usually come through here.


“I’ll do you a special deal: our free software at a 59% discount. Whaddyasay?”

We are all winning, I’ll say that Andrew. The cat has been wondering if we could have done better on this one. But he says “Take the deal, we’ll worry about shipping later.”

So count me (and the cat of course) in! This is going to be great!

Now…er…um… I don’t want to rock the boat at this point but… uh… we haven’t seen the cookie yet. Is it a good cookie? Is it delicious? Can I see the cookie now? Let’s get going on this.

Enthusiastically yours,
David G. Horsman.
per #DavesCat


True but there is another channel. Yes, I note you didn’t even get a blip after your personal engagement on the TI article (pageHits aside.) I didn’t count your posts on TI.

Given you create the Talk software,
and as an .#integrator,
I ultimately (quickly) see CoralProject being a pure Talk site. You can retrofit the existing articles. Blogs already done? Cuz people want to know why you don’t use your own darn software. There is a large list of benefits. And you do need a #betaSiteVictim (you) where you don’t have to rollback a release. Yes Andrew, I have a dream… where we all TalkTogether ©…

To the matter at hand, I see the #CoralTwitterTeam as the channel to drive things on site here. There should be a tab (plugin) to view the #CoralTwitterTeam feed specific to any #Topic. Ditto (the reverse) on the #TwitterFeed. If the #SocialMediaSource is plotted on one axis, you want to rotate and flatten that aspect of the view, #Rational(ly) speaking. That’s engagement.

I would be fascinated to hear your and #the-coral-project’s views on the two ideas.

Regards, David G. Horsman
.#RT’s are not endorsements :wink:


Hey! Andrew… Dude… I come back to check up on you guys. I spend three minutes on the website and I am like “Hey these folks been busy. Very nice.”

Very readable and structured. And it looks like all that agile activity is producing some interesting features.

I was satisfied with the status months back and the decision to use Talk but expected slower progress. Very impressive. So now I am looking forward to getting back to this part of things later.

Just one thing. Every where I look I keep seeing Mr. Andrew Coral. This nepotism in FOSS must end the Coral family has too much power! I will be contacting my liar! You will be hearing from us.

Best regards, David Horsman.


I’m having irrelevant mobile site issues so excuse the post here. It’s even off topic.

Can Talk detect the password doesn’t come from the keyboard during Singin. I would like to enforce a periodic reset. Thanks in advance.