Introducing the Talk Marketplace


Do you need help to setup or customize your Talk installation? Do you need help troubleshooting? Do you want to add a feature?

The Talk Marketplace is where Talk users can find professional paid help from developers within the Talk community.


  • Your post title must indicate [Hiring] or [For Hire]
  • Your post title must describe the specific help you need or can provide
  • Your post description must not contain any personal information (email, address, phone number, etc) - please use direct messages (DMs) to engage each other

Examples of good post titles:

  • [FOR HIRE] A javascript developer with 10+ years experience looking to built your next custom Talk plugin

  • [FOR HIRE] Our dev firm makes Talk plugins - contact us today!

  • [HIRING] We are a small newsroom who wants to add Subscriber Badges for our commenters who are subscribers

  • [HIRING] Newsroom looking for freelance developers to help us customize Talk in ongoing engagement