Is this community forum some version of Talk & Trust & Ask?


For those of us without resources to install the software there needs to be a sandbox somewhere where we can see how it woodwork is installed. If it is an implementation you should say so prominently at the top!

Change Talk eviroment to production

Hi Dr Brake

This forum is hosted on Discourse, which isn’t our platform.

We have a sandbox for Ask that we can give you access to if you’d like to see it (you can also see it here). Trust is in closed beta but you can see it here. We’re still working on Talk, but we have a sandbox for features here:

Let me know if you have any questions! We also have an Integration Engineer to help you with an install.

Thanks for reaching out!



Maybe it is worth your saying at the top that this is Discourse as others might assume it would be Talk. Will you be migrating to Talk at some point for these discussions?


Good idea. I’ve done that.

This space is a forum, and Talk is a commenting platform for discussion expressly connected to articles, so while we’ll add Talk to our blog, we’ll probably leave this space in Discourse.


Well, er… Yes we know. But why haven’t you implemented Talk at the bottom of each one of your own articles (complicated). Or have a button in each article to create/link to a forum topic (cheap.) It’s not the data, it’s the view.


Hi David,

That message was written in October 2016 - we added Talk to our blog a few months later. You can see it on every article at




Have you persons :wink: ever discussed just putting a simple topic manager (IE forum manager) over top of talk? I will be at a variation of the idea (in the new year from the look of things.)