Jimmy Wales's Wikitribune


This will be interesting: https://www.wikitribune.com/

A Wikipedia/news media hybrid?


It will! Do you like the idea? How would you structure something like this for success after the failure of WikiNews?


Yes! I look forward to see how it works. One of my favorite parts of wikipedia are the “In the news” section of the homepage.


Here is an interesting opinion piece about the Wikitribune and it would appear that there are a lot more questions than answers. https://venturebeat.com/2017/04/25/why-jimmy-wales-thinks-wikitribune-can-succeed-with-crowdsourcing-news-where-wikinews-failed/


Interesting, thanks PennyGuy! We’ll definitely be following it with interest.


I don’t quite see the point of Wikitribune when far more experienced news services are going online with the news with experienced reporters, editors and fact checkers. Any editor can tell you, if they err in any way, the public is quick to provide corrections. Wiki, on the other hand, seems not to even so much as defined what kind of news they hope to deliver. I subscribe to a couple of regular news papers which I also access online. Being a paid subscriber does buy me slightly better online access and I also read regular news services that I do not pay for. It does seem the news “Papers” are all getting on board the digital train. It does beg the question, what more can Wiki deliver that others do not?

Wiki has yet to reply to my questions as to what they think would make them stand out enough for me to want a subscription from them. it sounds like: Just pay us now and we will figure it all out after we have enough funding.