Looking for Help with Talk Plugin Google Auth


Hey All! I could use some help setting up the Talk-Plugin-Google-Auth.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. created Google+ API and generated a Client ID and Client Secret.
  2. Added “talk-plugin-google-auth” to plugins.json

Where I’m lost:
Where do I put the client ID and secret?
Any other files I need to edit before I rebuild the docker image?

I’m on Ubuntu, Docker, yarn…

Thanks in advance.


Make sure you’re using the onbuild option for Docker: https://docs.coralproject.net/talk/installation-from-docker#onbuild

This allows you to use custom plugins - more info in above link.

Check out how to use environment variables with Docker Compose here: https://docs.docker.com/compose/environment-variables/#pass-environment-variables-to-containers

The client ID and secret for Google, Facebook, and any other env variables for other plugins would be done this way.


KG, Thanks for the reply. How would I use that onbuild image, if I was using the “install from Source” method?


If you’re installing Talk from source, you could just run redis and mongo as you normally would, then you can clone the Talk repo, and add a plugins.json and .env file.

Are you running Talk locally like this? Or this for a production blog/site?


I’m running Talk on one of our older pages on our website, on our server.
I understand how to add the more plugins to the plugins.json. Where (what file) to I put the client ID and client Secret? That’s what’s confusing? Does the client ID, client Secret go in the .env?


Yep! All your secrets will go in the .env file. If you’re not using Docker you can simply create a file called .env in the root directory of Talk :slight_smile:


Also were you not able to get it working with Docker in the end? How to turn on the other plugins?


The other plugins (like, love reaction buttons) worked fine, thank you for the help. Now, I’m tasked with getting email verification, google+ auth, and Toxicity (Perspective) plugins working.

I’m running mongo and redis in containers and used yarn build for Talk (install from Source).


Solved this myself. Needed to correct “callback” url, firewall rules, etc.


Oh perfect, great news!