Measuring impact


Hello there,

Impact is a lot linked with what we try to achieve here. It’s about everything really, it’s the ultimate goal.

USA Today have been starting to measure the impact their articles had, here are their first thoughts :

On a Coral Projet note, I think that our tools in the future should be able to detect what impact might follow, track it, score it and analyse it. Maybe that could be a Trust component, or a fourth tool. :slight_smile:


I love this - and think this is the right track to really understanding the value of journalism vs. views/subscription rates - and likely to attract organizations that want to sponsor that discussion/impact.

Not sure if it’s helpful, but we’ve done some work on measuring the value of engagement and created this model - the Community Engagement Framework that may fill in some gaps between clicks rates and impact, in terms of measurement. In particular, we look at the number of questions as a leading indicator of individuals taking ownership of an issue and pursuing it on their own.