Membership puzzle, we should keep an eye on that


I’ve recently discovered Membership Puzzle :

If I understand this correctly, this is an initiative to think and research how communities can sustain and involve in a media ecosystem. Wich is pretty much the “thinking about economic” parts of Coral Project ! :slight_smile: Maybe we should keep an eye on it and use their findings to update our tools here ?



Yes! They’re terrific, and very much friends of the project. They’ve referenced us various times in their materials, and we’ve featured their work often in our newsletter and on our Twitter account.

What’s caught your eye in their work so far?


Also their lead, @emgollie, is a member of this community!


There is a beam of clues around engagement, membership, economic models of media and impacts. Membership puzzle came along from my researches on those matters. I’ve not yet plundged into their work. Happy to see that ties are already in order.


Honored to be tagged under “Cool Work”! Membership Puzzle Project is a collaboration between the Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent and New York University. We’re working to understand what supporters of news say they need from their side of the social contract with publishers. A good place to start is this audience revenue and engagement piece we wrote with Elizabeth Hansen – and with a deep bow to Coral.

Please let us know what questions we might explore on your behalf and with your involvement. Thanks all!