Metric Wish List


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What are the metrics/numbers you would like to access about communities and comments? What relationships do you want illuminated ?

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I’m interested in ROI of communities generally including the ROI of investing in a good (moderated, recognized) comments section.


Comment sections are all about political discussion and a discussion is (or should be) about resolving a conflict of opinion. So my – admittedly unrealistic – metric wish would be: the amount of resolved conflicts of opinion :sunny:

The closest thing to this metric might be the delta awards in Reddit CMV

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Let’s tease that out some more.

What kinds of RO1? Return visits, time on page , shares etc?


Hello! I do have one idea around this. I’d be really interested in measuring/ranking communities on site.

For example, it’d be great to take all commenting interactions from stories by say a weather blog and examine the number of likes given, return users, replies, reported comments, all the data available to tip the scale towards or against a strong community.

In my mind, a great community would exhibit a strong sense of policing, conversations between commenters and a lot of return users.

A metric ranking the strength of community could prioritize where a newsroom needs to work more on and where there is an opportunity for a UGC project.

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