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These are really good Steph , especially the first and second one. I find those contributors often come in a package. Where the first one causes a lot of damage between usually amenable people on opposite sides of the spectrum . Then leaves and those people have no idea how they ended up fighting .


We’ve just added new personas based on your ideas! Thanks again.


What do you think? Did we capture their personalities?


Hi Andrew,

I don’t think the last additions are very good. There is too much overlapping between Edie and Adeline, and also between Nin212 and Jackson.

What is really missing is a persona who argues passionately about politics and likes to get into a deep discussion, but who is not a troll and does not like to see a discussion wind up in flames. A persona who want to hear from “the other side” and likes his arguments to be inspected.

Don’t make the mistake to equate political discussion with trolling. From my point of view comment sections are primarily meant to discuss, not so much to talk.

Cheers Christoph


Is there an opportunity to submit a new persona? It is somewhat similar to Brad, but has different needs. I know it may be a little to late in the project, but if not, I’d be happy to contribute it.


Absolutely Jon! You can tell us what’s missing, or write it yourself. Let us know!


Submit it here in a reply, or via e-mail?


Here is fine. Thanks Jon!


Thanks Andrew. Here it is:

Coral Project: Persona Submission
Penny, 44, is a public relations professional at a small agency. Her specialty is the financial services sector. She’s married with two children in middle school. Penny has a degree in journalism, is a strong writer, and strictly adheres to the Public Relations Society of America’s Code of Ethics. In her spare time, Penny reads voraciously and trains for triathlons.

Technical Savvy:
Penny is surgically connected to e-mail and text message apps. She checks in on social media several times a day. She uses her smartphone as much as her laptop and is quick to try new apps for both, but only keeps them if they are user friendly and intuitive.

What They’d Like in Community Spaces:
• Track trending and popular topics in discussion groups.
• Ability to participate in discussions in a mature, civil way.
• Thoughtful, intelligent conversations that Penny can encourage her clients to participate in.

What They Dislike In Community Spaces:
That rumors spread faster than fact. That discussions can be hijacked by a few people, thus inhibiting meaningful discourse. That her clients’ reputations can be tarnished quickly by irresponsible or untrue comments.

What They’d Like from Coral:
• On occasion, Penny can provide valuable graphics and video files produced by her agency or her clients. She’d like to share them when they are relevant to a story.
• Ability to identify and engage commenters with a history of thoughtful, polite contributions. Conversely, the ability to filter out hateful and impolite contributors.
• A responsible forum where Penny could safely encourage her clients to participate without fear that they would be unjustly attacked.


Thanks Jon!

This is super interesting ! I like the addition of a PR voice into the deck


Thanks Sydette. Anything I can do to help, let me know.



Re: (moral realist[@_Si_SMITH]
Conversation: 2D Libertarain Spectrum vs Rational Spectrum, source data.


Hope you’re well, Andrew -

Here are profiler examples using the Personas you’ve defined.

We’ve done a bunch of recent work using games to drive quant & qual research – we get much more input from people giving them something fun to play vs a questionnaire.
(Then I recalled this thread … pardon my lag -)

And the promos click through much better, too -

For promoting the Guides, creating these for the Newsroom Persona makes the most sense.

Let’s create these for Kerry, Dev, and Sidney -


That’s really great! thanks Steve. Big fan of the work you’ve been doing.


Thanks, Andrew. Here’s a link to a live Personas prototype.


What’s a straightforward way to share guidance & a template for making a next round of profilers based on your Newsroom personas?

The same attributes you’ve used to put together the personas –

“Technical Savvy,” “Role,” “Likes,” “Dislikes,” and “Wants”

– let us get the Q&A and the “5% Salma” results.


Thanks Steve - to be honest, we’re not really focusing on the personas in our external communications as much as we did a couple of years ago. Looks like a very cool tool, I just don’t want you (or us) to spend any time on something that would get so little focus.


100% understood. I actually worked first on promoting the Guides

Better Questions: what would you like to promote?
And how can I help promote it?