Pre moderation active and report comment


I’m testing the Talk and I would like to know if It’s a bug or a expected behaviour:

When I active the pre mod, all comments need to approve before appears online, but If I approve a comment and someone report it, the comment stills on Approved list. Doesn’t it go to Reported list? Is it expected?



Hi Leeeandroo

Great to hear you’re trying Talk!

And yes, that is the expected behavior. The reason is that our overall goal is to make sure that moderators focus their time only on comments that require their attention.

Once a comment has been approved by a moderator (whether pre-mod or not), this means that the organization has already decided that it is acceptable to publish. Any user reports after that approval shouldn’t take up moderator time to rule again on something that they have already decided is permissable.

The reports are still logged - you can see them next to the comment in the Accepted queue - but we don’t move them over to the Reported queue for that reason.

Does that make sense? Would you want a different kind of behavior?




Hi Andrew, thank you for your reply.

On this point of view, makes sense to me. Right now I don’t want to change this behavior, but maybe in the future I’ll try to show on some way to moderator that this approved comment was flagged, maybe a notification or something like this… just to get again the attention about the content (sometimes an comment can be offensive according to interpretation of the reader - and moderator maybe missed it).