Problem With Commenter Title Not Changing


For example, if a person gets promoted and then title changes back to regular user, the comment still shows the original title assigned. Sorry I don’t know the terms for this so hope it makes sense


Hi Pedro! So you’re saying a Staff member (with a role of Moderator for example), leaves a comment. Then you change their role back to Commenter. The original comment still says Staff.

Am I correct explaining what you’re seeing?


Yes that is correct @kgardnr - maybe intended?


hi Pedro

Yes, that’s intended - because the person was speaking as a member of staff at the time. If they leave later, they were still speaking as part of the org when they wrote the comment, and the reader should be able to see that.

Does that make sense?


Yes makes sense thank you for explanation @andrew_coral

What if a title was removed for a reason? Wouldn’t want the same person representing group/team/site.

Is there a way to remove title preserving comment?