Profile Avatar Customization


Any way to add avatar to Talk profile like the one used here in the community? Where is the setting to allow user to upload photo or system generate letter?


hi Pedro

Talk allows you to use existing avatar services/storage with your install (eg Gravatar). We don’t currently have our own system of image upload/moderation,etc.

Here’s the plugin that powers that:



Hi, guys

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I have a problem using avatar recipe.
Below is how I’m trying to get it work.
I copied recipe ( to plugins/talk-plugin-avatar directory
For plugin setup I use plugins.json, so I added to “client” part string “talk-plugin-avatar”.
Then I did:

cd plugins/talk-plugin-avatar
yarn add babel-plugin-add-module-exports babel-loader
cd …/…
yarn build

It successfully builds, then I restarted server and when I’m trying to load page with comments I get error in browser:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘slots’ of undefined

in loaded bundle.
Also I’ve tried to build author-name recipe in same way and got the same error.
Removing “talk-plugin-avatar” from plugins.json and rebuilding makes app work as usual, so something wrong in this plugins.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or recipe shouldn’t work out of the box (even with default avatar), and I have to do some modifications?
My version of Talk is 4.6.1


I found this plugin on github -, and seems like it works for me, installed in the same way. I’ll try to modify it for my purposes.


Sounds great @dtantsev - yes, you’ll need to alter the code to actually pull the avatar image from somewhere. It won’t work on it’s own. That’s the important difference between a plugin, which is a self-contained piece of function that you can plugin to your Talk instance as-is; and recipes, which are templates you can use to build your own plugins.