Querying Multiple Assets without logging in


The front pages of many sections on our website display comment counts for multiple articles. I need to be able to query all the IDs on those pages at the same time. This will greatly reduce the number of network calls performed, allowing the page to load faster.

This is from the GraphQL Documentation:

assets(query: AssetsQuery): AssetConnection
All assets. Requires the ADMIN role.

asset(id: ID, url: String): Asset
Find or create an asset by url, or just find with the ID.

Is there another option that will let me query multiple IDs at once without requiring Talk authentication?


@julisana, I posted this on Github cause I think you’ll get a better response for more technical questions like this there - and the answer is more likely to be seen by fellow devs: https://github.com/coralproject/talk/issues/1876


Thanks Kim! I’m subscribed to that issue now!