Questions about the future/v5.0 of Talk



we’re currently setting up talk for production usage and are planning to go live shortly. Looking at the recently closed pull request it’s easy to notice, that you’re heavily developing the [next/5.0] version of Talk.

We’d love to know if there is some kind of schedule, or date for a release of the next major version and more important if the upgrade progress will be problematic b/c of compatibility breaks or anything so we can evaluate if we should wait for the next major version before going live.

Thank you


hi Chris

Thanks for reaching out. That’s exciting! Can you tell us which website you work on?

Version 5 won’t be out until next year, and will be mostly beneficial for newsrooms requiring multi-tenancy. We’re recommending for now that everyone stay on 4.x unless multi-tenancy is an essential need.

We’ll be running fixes on both Version 4 and Version 5 in parallel until we unify the two.

Let us know how the launch goes! Have you seen our pre-launch checklist?

Best wishes



Hi Andrew,

sorry for the late reply, i was pretty busy in the past days.

I’m a working student at Lensing Media, a german publisher, and pretty much responsible for the development on Talk/our custom plugins. We’ve launched a test-phase for Talk yesterday at for subscribers. So far everything is going well, and yes we’ve read the pre-launch checklist :slight_smile:

Since we have kind of a ‘multi-tenancy’ system running with other newspapers that belong to Lensing Media and are cooperating with other publishers, with a big underlying CMS to share stories etc. and plan on bringing talk all or most of these sites I think we’re very interested in talk v5.

As we’re starting with v4 now, I still have the question how hard it will be to migrate from v4 to v5 (or if it’s viable at all) watching the Talk repo it appears like there are some major changes in the representation of the data. Do you have some more information on that?

Thank you very much


Hi Chris

We don’t have information yet on how the migration will work – but we’ve required database migrations in the past, and you can see how we did that here:

It will definitely be possible to migrate from v4 to v5 and beyond.

Best wishes