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Here’s one where I lack qualifications:

Does anyone have a recommended link or a desire to start the topic:

A examination of the types of speech in comments.

(Political speech being one example.)

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I got blocked today!!!

True story. I am doing engagement and developing a following from scratch (Twitter).

So that’s a 0.5% blockage rate. My doctor will be pleased…

But you should hear what I say on there, I am an .#onlineTwitterCommedian. 0.5% is pretty good (1 per 200.) I would repeat some of it here but I think @andrew_coral might be listening.

Regards, Dave Horsman


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I’ve seen some academic papers on types of speech online. Have you looked at our Academic Papers thread?


]I have the links thanks @andrew_coral. Although I have only read some of the material it is 100% awesome.

It is providing good info on the types and patterns of speech. I am not surprised there would be papers on “political speech” as well as legal aspects re "free speech."

I will read it all over the next year but if you include the off-site “cites” and their cites I would expect to end up better informed if not exhausted.:wink: The cat approves as well. He said to say “Hi.”

You are being a big help, so I am preparing you a bag of cookies. They look like this: :cookie: Yummy, eh?:chipmunk:

Keep up the good work, David G Horsman

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