Shutting down onsite comments: a comprehensive list of all news organisations


Vice’s Noisy page closes theirs in the snarkiest announcement yet


VICE adds itself to the list

We value thoughtful comments and critiques from readers, and our biggest worry in killing this section was that the people who have constructive and intelligent things to say would consider this a slight against them. Please don’t think that.


CJR quietly removed its comments section during its redesign (h/t Dan Nguyen)


Also the Billings Gazette: (h/t Jayme Fraser)

For every good, thoughtful, insightful comment there were dozens of them trying to identify a victim of sexual assault. Our comment filter set to catch obscenities and epithets was set at 421, with new permutations added almost every day. It was a testament to human ingenuity, and a horrible use of the symbols @ and $.


Le Vif, a weekly belgian magasine, shut down their comments :

They argue that “their mission is not to moderate the world’s rants, but to inform”.


Bah. Thanks Pierre. Perhaps their future mission will involve conversation.


À new one the financial gazette


Great spot, Pierre. He only just published that!


Not a news source but still important : IMDB is shutting down comments


Hi, did you assemble a list of the sites you found? If so, I’d love to see it.


Hi Ju-Don! The list is ongoing and open, contained in all of the thread above - scroll up to see each one. Let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks, Andrew. I had just begun my own spreadsheet of a handful of sites that abandoned in the last 6 months or so, so I had Google docs on the brain. I did see all of the great contributions in the thread.


You’re very welcome. Let us know if there’s any we missed!


Welcome to the redesigned Digiday! (Comments quietly removed)

Confirmation from the managing editor:


Al Jazeera English has closed comments.


I’m pretty sure used to have comments. I haven’t noticed them for several months, now.


yes! good spot, thanks for adding. It happened in November, and here’s a story about it:


ABC News in Australia bucks the trend:




Crain’s Chicago Business in November 2017