Shutting down onsite comments: a comprehensive list of all news organisations


The Atlantic is killing its comments in favor of a new Letters section to showcase reader feedback


Thanks @fedecherubini I was not aware of this. That’s now a second site closing (AJ being the other) since I started looking at about a dozen sites.

As one of the best sites for comment content this is unfortunate. Frankly, I feel the need to further quote what I consider incompetent rationale:

“Modeled after how it manages The Conversation section of the print magazine, The Atlantic will regularly publish reader feedback on in its new Letters section. A team of staffers on the print and digital sides will read the letters, choosing the ones with the most interesting and challenging ideas. Many will be published individually and will get the same design and editorial as regular articles, with illustrations and placement on the site’s homepage and social channels.”

Because it would be impossible to do this AND keep their comments section… maybe involve/engage the commenters in the process.

I’ll restrain myself and rant about this at later date. Maybe someone in this group that knows them could go give them all a good shake, wake them up.

Regards, Dave Horsman


Not new at all, but included for completeness:

In 2016, the Boulder Daily Camera closed comments



Civil Beat




Thanks @andrew_coral I just captured this data again.
As part of my requirements I this particular issue to address. It’s the least of my current challenges provided I have this list.


News-Gazette, a local conservative paper in Champaign-Urbana


I keep a blog about online comments where I try to keep tabs on things like this. I have a running list of media outlets that have shut down comments. (See the righthand side of the blog.) I hope it helps.

I need to add some of these mentioned above. Thanks!



I think it’s fine, David - though if Joe and yourself want to talk more about his site, or your plan, then another topic might be best. Thanks for asking!


Thanks for the comments. If I have time, this year I would like to go back through the list to see how many of those sites have re-introduced comments, if any.

Interestingly, I saw only one media site which shut down comments after using moderating software and giving up on it. My sense is the others had no moderation. So as these sites become aware of new ways to manage comments they might try again.


Providence Journal recently removed comments from its site.


Any chance you have a link to an article on this? Thanks.




And … I just came across this article about the Chicago Tribune.

I have not yet found the Tribune announcement itself, but will keep looking.


Thanks Joe. That’s really interesting to watch.



“Fans currently have more touchpoints than ever to voice their comments. We value their opinions, and feel that we are better able to serve them through our customer care team and our social platforms. In fact, we have and are continuing to create content for social that embraces these conversations and interacts with fans.”


Deutsche Welle closes comments on editorial opinions:


A newspaper in Corvallis, Oregon, also recently closed its comments.

I keep a running list on a blog here: If I have time this fall I want to do some sort of tally and write about it.
However, I have no sense of what the situation is like outside the U.S.
Thanks for the post.