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Shutting down onsite comments: a comprehensive list of all news organisations

The existing topic is well organized list of these news site I didn’t want to polute with my own chatter on the topic. I do want to discuss this issue and some of the specific sites listed there. I will start by moving and cross posting a few comments here.

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From the “Shutting down onsite comments…” thread (why I created this topic.):
CC: @andrew_coral @JoeG @DHorse @kgardnr

I keep a blog about online comments where I try to keep tabs on things like this. I have a running list of media outlets that have shut down comments. (See the righthand side of the blog.) I hope it helps.

I need to add some of these mentioned above. Thanks!




The blog site looks really interesting @JoeG. I like the extensive use of links on it and will check it out. I think the obvious solution is to just put them (comments) right back on those sites. This occurs (in what I will call an unstructured way. IE a graph or web) already on Twitter, FB, Instagram.

Now if you were to monetize that pretty well everyone of the above stakeholders would love to opt back in. We’ll see.

[Note: @andrew_coral, should comments like mine get moved out of this thread into a “meta” topic? I like how this topic is an unpolluted list of sites. @JoeG links to his precisely related site belongs here, my comment not so much.

I want to put all these links including Joe’s scraped into JSON formatted text but then only you or I could edit it as a comment. When comments are open to public edit you then have a wiki like feature available (and the requirements.)]

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andrew_coralProject Lead, The Coral Project2d
I think it’s fine, David - though if Joe and yourself want to talk more about his site, or your plan, then another topic might be best. Thanks for asking!

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Reply to: 2d DHorse
Thanks for the comments. If I have time, this year I would like to go back through the list to see how many of those sites have re-introduced comments, if any.

Interestingly, I saw only one media site which shut down comments after using moderating software and giving up on it. My sense is the others had no moderation. So as these sites become aware of new ways to manage comments they might try again.

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A list of just link addresses mined from the threads. (IE cut and past, bulk browser opens, etc)