Spam the trolls


Email and private messaging are often an important component of communities online. It’s a general concern to every organization.

I have been thinking about the comments here about shadow bans and the idea of shadow engagement. There is a lot we can learn from Email but what follows is amusing too.

Helpful Google search: Spam the spammers

And now… some hilarious insightful advice from an expert:
James Veitchat
TEDGlobal Geneva
This is what happens when you reply to spam email

It’s a war folks. :wink: We need an offensive plugin for Talk. (Just kidding.)

A careful look at current email technology would result in transferable design concepts for comments software that is scalable. Additionally, I see this area (engagement with bad actors) as potentially useful in incorporating mental health intervention into community engagement. In other words, it is an easily attained side benefit of the unavoidable technology needed to address fraud, spam, trolling and targeting (stalking and bullying) in the community.

For example, it’s not that hard to spam (or shadow comment) back some helpful links.

Thanks for listening.

[Edit: Term: Shadow comment: Replies (probably from moderators) to a commenter that are not visible to the community. The commenter might also be shadow banned in the normal sense.

Term: Shadow banned: When a commenter can post but the community can not see those posts.]