[TALK] GraphQL 405 Responses with local repository


Hi all!

I would like to create a plugin for Talk, and to that purpose I downloaded the latest master zip, followed the quickstart here https://coralproject.github.io/talk/index.html, and launched it with yarn watch:server

I then open a Firefox tab at localhost:3000/admin/install and follow the steps. When I click on “Finish Install”, nothing happens. On my terminal I have that kind of output, with 405 responses at same time interval:

OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 0.498 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 1.910 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 1.731 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 0.533 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 0.529 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 1.625 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 3.159 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 1.658 ms - -
OPTIONS /api/v1/setup 200 2.015 ms - 13
OPTIONS /api/v1/setup 200 1.219 ms - 13
OPTIONS /api/v1/setup 200 1.328 ms - 13
OPTIONS /api/v1/setup 200 1.236 ms - 13
OPTIONS /api/v1/setup 200 0.554 ms - 13
OPTIONS /api/v1/graph/ql 405 0.510 ms - -

And an other thing is that, randomly, I can get over this error. Sometimes when I re-build with yarn after a few days, everything works and I have no 405 responses from graphql. Did this happened to anyone else?


Hi @Ilphrin! If you go to localhost:3000 do you see the comment stream appearing?


Also if you want any guidance on the plugin you’re creating, you can create a Github issue (https://github.com/coralproject/talk/issues/new) and outline what you’re thinking about, so we can give you architectural feedback and answer any questions you have there. This also prevents any duplication, as our core team is actively building features and plugins all the time!

If you open source the plugin, we can add it to our directory and let our users know about it, if you want!

More about contributing to Talk: https://github.com/coralproject/talk/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md